New aircraft development takes a lot of resources: KTM Solutions makes finding those resources easy.

Let’s face it. Even one good engineer is hard to find, particularly when you are looking to expand your engineering capacity immediately and for the short term. KTM makes that easy, providing one stop for seasoned and proven engineers. Furthermore, KTM’s professionals have experience working as a closely-knit and highly efficient team. We believe that there is power in collaboration and teamwork. Success requires more than the just technical knowledge: It means knowing how to win together. With KTM, you don’t have to wait to win. Give us a call, and we can assemble a winning team for you today.


Innovation, practicality, experience: That’s KTM Solutions.

Design and Analysis

KTM Solutions is a Greenville, South Carolina-based engineering company supporting the aerospace and mechanical services industries. KTM utilizes state-of-the-art design and analysis tools underpinned by proven systems engineering principles and project management services. KTM is ISO 9001/ AS9100 compliant.

Create, Innovate, Improve: That’s KTM Solutions.