What do you do when your design is complete and manufacturing has begun, but costs are still too high?

Unfortunately, in the rush to complete engineering on schedule, decisions are often made that have significant long-term impacts on the cost of production. Just a few cents added to a single part could become astronomical when producing at a high volume. Although these costs should be foreseen and designed out, that doesn’t always happen. If you find yourself in the position of paying too much for production, perhaps KTM’s value engineering can help you to reduce costs. Better still, involve KTM in your initial design process and we will help you achieve the highest value solution before you begin production.


KTM Solutions’ value engineering expertise has led to contracts in a number of high production volume industries. Whatever your specific needs are, let our experience help you to reduce costs.

Value Engineering

KTM Solutions is a Greenville, South Carolina-based engineering company supporting the aerospace and mechanical services industries. KTM utilizes state-of-the-art design and analysis tools underpinned by proven systems engineering principles and project management services. KTM is ISO 9001/ AS9100 compliant.

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