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VC Day—Part 1

Victory over COVID? What can we expect?

“End of the pandemic”—it’s a tantalizing phrase, and we’re all eager for the day we can utter it with confidence and decisiveness. What can we expect after this pandemic ends? In the midst of all the personal reunions we look forward to, what might the economy look like when we finally get to celebrate Victory over Covid?

American military personnel celebrate the end of WWII in Paris. Public Domain.

The COVID-19 pandemic has frequently been compared to the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic at the end of World War I. In this Part 1 of a two-part series for South Carolina Manufacturing, Paul Kumler, cofounder of KTM Solutions, takes a look at the economic conditions surrounding the First and Second World Wars to see how the response to those crises affected economic development. And he gives special attention to WWI and the Spanish Flu to see how the aftermath of those events might compare and contrast with the events of today.



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KTM utilizes a staff of registered mechanical engineers (PE) that are qualified in the design and analysis of advanced machines, fixtures, lifting systems, and mechanical structures. We design and analyze for sufficient strength, optimal mechanical performance, and safety in accordance with industry standards and governmental regulations.

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