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KTM Solutions Provides Reliable Structural Analysis For Peace of Mind


It is common for organizations to have great ideas for new or improved products, but an incomplete sense of how to ensure that these products are sized to handle the required load capacities. One particular KTM client has a great reputation as a provider of forklift attachments for unique lifting applications. Even with years of practical experience, our client had limited structural analysis capacities and involved KTM Solutions early in the design process. Our clients have found that reliable analysis early in the process helps them to avoid frustrating discoveries later in their project development.

The Problem

Our client needed to develop a unique lifting system for railcar maintenance. This client had a concept in mind and had already developed a preliminary layout. In fact, our client had already shown this concept to their customer for approval. The load path for this system needed to be somewhat complex in order to achieve the load manipulations their customer needed. This required a thorough analysis, which involved strength checks on several complex and expensive components. If undersized, these components could contribute to an unsafe lifting operation or lead to life cycle costing issues.

The Solution

KTM Solutions developed a comprehensive analysis package, including finite element models and hand calculations, which demonstrated that the original conceptual design would work, but that some of the components were significantly undersized. Drawing on the results of this analysis, we developed cost effective solutions that improved the overall design of the lifting system. The end result was an efficient design, ready to provide years of reliable service.


KTM is a team of professional engineers that partners with manufacturing companies to overcome challenges and deliver the custom design solution and the expertise you need for your project.

Critical Structural Analysis

Critical Structural Analysis

Critical Structural Analysis

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