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KTM Engineering Designs a Cart for Manufacturing & Material Movement


Some parts are too large and bulky to easily maneuver through a manufacturing facility. An aerospace parts supplier asked KTM to design a cart that could transport a large fan case. A fan case is a circular composite structure comprising part of the inlet ducting on an aircraft engine. To make the best use of space, the client wanted to develop a cart that could aid in the manufacturing process while also transporting the fan case. To accomplish these goals, the system needed to rest the fan case on its side (as shown in the adjacent image) and to rotate the fan case about its inlet axis.

The Problem

To ensure the cart could maneuver about the facility, we needed to consider a number of design factors, including length and width restrictions. The cart footprint needed to be smaller than the case when resting on its side, which meant that the case had to be transported in the standing position. This presented a number of challenges. Specifically, we needed to design a cart that would be stable when the case was upright. We also needed to incorporate a flipping system that would keep the center of gravity between the wheels at all times.

The Solution

KTM Solutions provided the client with a turnkey, PE-certified design. Our cart design allowed a 90-degree rotation of the case while keeping the gravitational center within a few inches of the central cart footprint. The lifting power was developed through a ball screw system that allowed positive placement of the lift throughout the lift travel. An onboard drive system allowed the case to spin about the inlet axis for ergonomic part inspection and minor manufacturing processing. Rollers utilized friction to rotate the fan case, while clamps helped prevent it from falling off the cart. Additionally, the system was completely battery powered. Our result was a stable system and a dual-use tool.


KTM is a team of professional engineers that partners with manufacturing companies to overcome challenges and deliver the custom design solution and the expertise you need for your project.

Material and Component Movement Systems

Material and Component Movement Systems

Material & Component Movement Systems

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