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ktm solutions mechanical engineering, greenville sc

A place for "small" in the business ecosystem

From the coronavirus shutdowns to the effects of a few protests-turned-riots over the summer, numerous events in the last year have highlighted the number of small businesses in the United States—and the unique hurdles they face. As we all benefit from the large-scale offerings of big businesses, it’s important to look at how small businesses fit into the picture.

What specific value do small businesses bring to the table? In this throwback editorial for South Carolina Manufacturing, Paul Kumler, president of KTM Solutions, examines the contributions small businesses make to the business ecosystem, using the specific example of the aerospace industry in South Carolina.



KTM is a team of professional engineers that partners with manufacturing companies to overcome challenges and deliver the custom design solution and the expertise you need for your project.

Our Products & Services

KTM utilizes a staff of registered mechanical engineers (PE) that are qualified in the design and analysis of advanced machines, fixtures, lifting systems, and mechanical structures. We design and analyze for sufficient strength, optimal mechanical performance, and safety in accordance with industry standards and governmental regulations.

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