Happy Easter from KTM Solutions

We’re hopping out of the office . . .

The calendar lied, sort of.

The three-months-at-a-glance calendars used by our Admin professionals mark bank holidays in red. As we looked ahead in mid-March, what should we see but a red 2 on that first Friday in April. That observation sparked a brief but lively discussion on whether Good Friday is, in fact, a bank holiday.

It’s not.*

But it is one of the annual office holidays at KTM—our offices will be closed today for the Good Friday and Easter holidays. We will open again for our normal business hours on Monday, April 5.

We hope you have a good weekend in this still-new spring season. If you need to reach us today, you can contact us through our website, and we look forward to being back in person next week.

*Well, in about a dozen US states it is, selectively.