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Heart to heart and B2B: Building long-term relationships

Defining the Relationship

What makes a strong business relationship? Believe it or not, a lot of the same things that make a strong personal relationship. In both cases, shared values and interests are key. If you’re planning to be in for the long haul, you want to make sure you’re compatible so that you build as strong and stable a structure as possible.

Block tower game, half fallen with pieces missing from tower
A less-than-stable structure

So how do you know when a partnership is a good fit? What’s most important is to know going in what you want out of a partnership and to make sure you and the other party are aligned on the values most important to each of you. Businesses, just like individuals, typically need a courtship period. And, as with dating, some people enjoy the courtship process and others feel anxious about it. Some want to move quickly and others want to take things slow.

Through all of these differences in perspective and personality, how do you develop long-term relationships in business?

In a recent piece for South Carolina Manufacturing, Paul Kumler, co-founder of KTM Solutions, takes a look at partnership, compatibility, and stability in business relationships. Throughout the length of the relationship, each party should be working to cultivate trust and respect, ensuring that everyone involved can thrive. See more of his discussion below.



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