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Offshoring and the global economy

Offshoring: The Controversy

What are the pros and cons of offshoring labor? It’s been just over 5 years since KTM’s president, Paul Kumler, published a piece for South Carolina Manufacturing on offshoring engineering work. Rather than strictly pros vs. cons, the article takes an in-depth look at the short-term vs. long-term effects of offshoring, positing some potential impacts for the field of engineering in the US.

What effect does offshoring have on local economies; is it possible to increase opportunities in one place without diminishing them elsewhere? How does offshoring affect competition within the industry? Aside from lower-cost labor, what other benefits does offshoring provide the OEM? All of these are important factors companies need to consider when deciding where to source their labor. And all of these factors are influenced by numerous variables.

Points to Consider

We’re nowhere close to the “long term” from 5 years ago, but it’s not too soon to revisit these ideas. The world has seen significant changes since 2016. We invite you to consider this topic—again or for the first time.

  • Do you think the pandemic has altered the engineering landscape?

  • Has it made offshoring more or less beneficial?

  • How can individual companies and nations navigate the global market?

Visit the link below to read the full article, then let us know what you think!



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