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Boudinot receives scholarship

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Casey Boudinot joined the KTM Solutions technical staff as a Mechanical Design Apprentice in December 2018 and was selected by the Charleston Defense Contractors Association (CDCA) to receive a scholarship to support her internship for the summer 2019. Boudinot is a graduate of Clemson University and currently enrolled in the Engineering Design Technology program at Greenville Technical College. “Casey is a great student. She is a gifted student and has some very innovative ideas. I look forward to seeing her develop her design skills. We are delighted that the CDCA selected her to receive this award." says Paul V. Kumler, President, KTM Solutions. KTM provides engineering services to the aerospace and mechanical design industries. The company anticipates continued increases in all technical services.



KTM is a team of professional engineers that partners with manufacturing companies to overcome challenges and deliver the custom design solution and the expertise you need for your project.

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KTM utilizes a staff of registered mechanical engineers (PE) that are qualified in the design and analysis of advanced machines, fixtures, lifting systems, and mechanical structures. We design and analyze for sufficient strength, optimal mechanical performance, and safety in accordance with industry standards and governmental regulations.

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