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Covid in the workplace: Where health meets the economy

Hiring Decisions and COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to shake the economy, learning how to respond to this coronavirus’s transmission remains vital.

Workplaces in particular see the intersection of health and economic concerns. With the economy’s future uncertain, employers still hesitate to make permanent hiring decisions, relying instead on temporary workers.

The more people come in and out of any given office, of course, the higher the transmission risk for everyone there.

As a result, employers need to be especially vigilant in reducing that risk as much as they feasibly can.

CDC and OSHA Recommendations

While maintaining a consistent staff is certainly a good idea, there are additional protocols employers should follow to help reduce the risk of transmission.

Both the CDC and OSHA suggest the following measures (with stricter measures recommended in high-risk environments such as healthcare facilities):

  • Frequent disinfection of common surfaces

  • Maintaining at least 6 feet of distance from others whenever possible

  • Face coverings—especially where social distancing isn’t possible

  • Physical barriers where people are likely to be less than 6 feet apart


Let Us Help

At KTM Solutions, we’re committed to providing durable solutions that enhance a post-COVID work environment—maximizing safety and minimizing distractions. If you are looking for partitions as a part of your COVID-19 prevention strategies, contact us to discuss what you need and let our engineers develop a custom solution.



KTM is a team of professional engineers that partners with manufacturing companies to overcome challenges and deliver the custom design solution and the expertise you need for your project.

Our Products & Services

KTM utilizes a staff of registered mechanical engineers (PE) that are qualified in the design and analysis of advanced machines, fixtures, lifting systems, and mechanical structures. We design and analyze for sufficient strength, optimal mechanical performance, and safety in accordance with industry standards and governmental regulations.

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