KTM Solutions relocates corporate offices

Ginger A. Kumler; CEO of KTM Solutions, Inc. announced that KTM Solutions will move corporate offices to a new location in Greer, SC. KTM will move offices from 110-B Smith Road in Greenville to 603 High Tech Court in Greer. "We are moving our company offices for several business reasons. Our new location provides additional space for our growing Mechanical Solutions business while keeping operations close to many of our current customers. Our move will allow KTM Solutions to offer more comprehensive services, all under one roof." says Kumler. When in their new facilities, KTM Solutions will occupy approximately half of the 20,000 square foot facilities. "Our mechanical solutions business is growing to rival our aircraft engineering business." said Paul Kumler, President of KTM Solutions. "Traditionally, the majority of our business has involved on-aircraft structural design and analysis. Today, approximately 50% of our business involves turnkey mechanical tooling and fixturing underpinned by professional engineering services." Kumler continues. KTM's corporate office relocation will be complete by the end of May.