Withers to lead KTM sales team

Seth Withers has agreed to join KTM Solutions leadership team as business development leader, supporting all business lines. Withers is an experienced sales professional who has worked with large and small companies to develop new opportunities. “We are excited to have Seth join our leadership team. His consultative and relational approach to sales should be well received within our marketplace. Seth’s skills will be instrumental as KTM Solutions moves to the next level of service.” says Ginger Kumler, KTM Solutions CEO. In April, KTM Solutions will celebrate 15 years in business and is continuing to grow. “As a services provider, it’s vital that we develop and maintain trusting relationships with our clientele. Seth is a man of integrity who is genuinely interested in helping others succeed. He is a great fit for our company culture. I predict he will quickly earn new opportunities and will become a favorite of our existing clients.” says Paul Kumler, KTM Solutions president.